Remote Call Recorder

30 Jun 2015
by Srihari

“Remote Call Recorder” helps you record a phone conversation and listen to it online. Install the app on the target mobile, register and you will be able to pull recorded files from website.


  1. Dashboard in website for admins to monitor agents call records.
    1. Listen / Download Call Records
    2. Get Location Information of Devices when the call was made/received.
    3. Delete call records which are not important.
  1. Usage Analytics
    1. Check how long each agent spoke and number of users he spoke with.
    2. Incoming Vs Outgoing call duration of each user.
    3. Number of WhatsApp Calls made/Received by agents.
  2. Unlimited storage for Call Records on Cloud.
  3. Installation and Technical Support.

Working of the app:

  1. User will have to download TMP Connector app. This app will act like connecter between the call recording app and our cloud/dashboard.
  2. Once downloaded, user will have to register by specifying Email Id of the Owner, device Mobile number and his name.
  3. The email id of the owner will receive an email with login credentials once a user register. The user will then be asked to download the Call recorder app from Google Play Store.
  4. User will have to download Cube Call recorder and configure (give permissions).
  5. TMP Connector will upload recordings as soon as the call is completed to the cloud.

Installation Instruction:

  1. Install TrackMyPhones Interface app (TMP Connector) from
  2. Register the app with Name, Number, Email ID.
  3. Enter Owner’s Email ID. This will help map all agents to one admin.
  4. Give necessary permission when prompted.
  5. The app will ask user to install Cube call recorder from Google Play Store. Install the app and give necessary permission to record voice calls.
  6. The admin can then see all call logs and listen to audio files online from


The app comes with free trial period for first month. This period is to check the compatibility of the software with the device.

The below pricing is from 2nd month onwards:

  • 10 devices or less: 500 Rs per month per device. 5000 Rs per year per device if payment is made yearly.
  • 10 to 100 devices: 400 Rs per month per device. 4000 Rs per year per device if payment is made yearly.
  • More than 100 devices: 300 Rs per month per device. 3000 Rs per year per device if payment is made yearly.

Installation Responsibility:

  • The app should be installed by the user themselves. Installation instructions will be provided in detail.
  • The app will be running in background and battery saving needs to be disabled for the app. TrackMyPhones will not be responsible if user force closes the app.
  • If an agent chose to uninstall the app, TrackMyPhones should be made aware of it to avoid the company being charged for the device.

Refund Policy:

If app doesn’t record calls, then the device will not be charged. Refund will be issued for the previous month if the company is not happy with the working of the app.


Owners and Agents should have agreement on the usage and tracking of the app. TrackMyPhones in no way accepts any responsibility if there arises a legal issue between Agents and Owners regarding privacy.

With every new version of Android, the feature set must be rechecked. If any feature is broken or needs update, then we will inform the owners about it and they will have to update the app.

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